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Shamanic Healing

I call myself a Shamanic Practitioner or a Shamanic Healer.  I do not consider myself a "Shaman" as I do not live in an indigenous shamanic culture.  But I have been extensively trained in shamanic modalities and techniques and I offer a wide array of shamanic healing to my clients.  The specific techniques used are tailored to the client's individual needs and are guided by Spirit.  Physical, emotional and spiritual issues can all be treated using shamanic techniques, including: post- traumatic stress and related disorders, depression, chronic pain and illness, anxiety, grief and addictive behaviors.  Below are basic descriptions of some of the various techniques I employ.

Soul Retrieval

Throughout our lives we experience various traumas.  These traumas can be anything from a near death experience to a small chiled being yelled at by a parent.  In that moment, your soul is convinced it is going to die and says, "I am outta here". At that point a piece of your soul breaks off and goes to live on its own somewhere in the shamanic universe.

Soul parts can leave for reasons other than trauma. A child who doesn't want to move away from friends may leave part of their soul behind. Or the end of a relationship can often cause Soul loss - "I just wasn't the same after she left."  When a soul part leaves it can take with it some aspect of who you are. For example it may take part of your trust, your conficence, your joy or your power.

It is important to bring that soul part back and its aspects and reintegrate them into your whole self. Sometimes this can happen spontaneously; sometimes psychotherapy can bring a soul part home.  But generally it takes specific intervention.  Shamanic Practitioners are trained to find the missing parts and to bring them back.

Power Animal Retrieval

In many shamanic cultures everyone is born with an animal spirit who has volunteered to help and protect them. Sometimes these animals leave and then the person becomes sick, or has a run of bad luck, etc. Other times we outgrow the power animal and need another one to help us into the next phase of our lives.  Or it may simply be that we have never realized that such help exists.  The shamanic practitioner is trained to locate these helping spirits who are volunteering to help us in our lives.


The shamanic practitioner travels the same spirit worlds that the dead travel and so the practitioner is often called upon to take on the role of a Psychopomp -- the escort for the dead.

Psychopomp invloves helping souls who either don't know they are dead, or don't know how to reach the next evolution of their soul.  Many times family members sense that the deceased person is still around. The shamanic preactitioner helps that person and their family by assisting the soul of their loved one along his/her path.



 Extractions are journey work with the specific purpose of locating and removing the spiritual/energitic aspect of a disease.  Disease, like every single element in the universe, has a spirit and deserves to live.  But, just like ants deserve to live and are very useful and necessary in the ecology of the forest, they are completely unwelcome at a picnic. Disease is the same. It deserves to live...but not in your body.